We offer riders an excellent alternative or transition to horse ownership through our extensive lease program. This program allows riders to develop their skills and relationship with a horse or pony who is well matched to their skill and confidence level. As riders grow and develop through our program, they are able to seamlessly transition to the next level of horse. Leasing is ideal for the Novice-Intermediate level of rider wanting to take regular lessons, and potentially compete at the local-provincial level. We offer a range of packages to fit just about any budget and level of time commitment. 

In addition to our in-barn lease program, we are also able to source top performing "A" circuit mounts for our highly competitive riders on monthly on annual paid lease contracts.




HALF LEASE - $640 per month


 - Use of lease horse 3 days per week

 - Full Outdoor board

 - 2 Lessons per week 

 - 1 Free ride day per week 

* Additional cost for 1/2 farrier and incidentals 


FULL LEASE - $1100 per month 


 - Full use of lease horse 

 - Full Outdoor board

 - 3 Lessons per week 

 - 3 Free ride days per week 

* Additional cost for farrier and incidentals 

Contact us directly to find out about our current horses available.